Viftrup Biogas

Viftrup Biogas opened in 2015. The biogas plant generates 2.3 million cubic metres of methane gas a year. This is then transported to Spjald Fjernvarmeværk (Spjald District Heating Plant) by means of a pipeline. No less than 97% of the consumption at Spjald Fjernvarmeværk is generated by methane gas from Viftrup Biogas.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Spjald, Denmark


2,400,000 Nm³ of biomethane



More gas than first expected

On a daily basis, the plant handles 10 to 80 tonnes of biomass – a mixture of maize, seed grass straw, straw, second-cut hay and deep litter.

Due to the big quantity of dry matter in straw, deep litter and seed grass straw that was supplied to the plant, Viftrup Biogas experienced a very high volume of dry matter in the degassed manure. Therefore, Viftrup Biogas in 2019 decided to establish a 4,600m³ secondary digester. This new post-degassing tank for instance resulted in prolongation of the residence time.

We now derive 8-10% more biomethane from the same amount of biomass and my clients are much more satisfied with the degassed manure because the floating sludge in their storage tanks is vastly reduced. Another advantage is that the degassed manure is thinner and penetrates into the ground much easier, e.g. on meadows – which used to be a problem.

Knud Christensen, owner
Viftrup Biogas

The payback period of the costs for my new tank is about seven years. I am quite satisfied with this, considering all the positive side effects.

Knud Christensen, owner
Viftrup Biogas