Tønder Biogas

At full capacity, the biogas plant will be one of the largest plants in Europe. Annually, the biogas plant will handle approximately 930,000 tons of green sustainable feedstock and produce approximately 40,000,000 Nm³ of biomethane. This is equivalent to approx. 440 GWh per year.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Tønder, Denmark


40,000,000 Nm³ of biomethane


2022 / 2025

One of the largest Biogas plants in Europe

Tønder Biogas has been in operation since December 2022 and is currently approximately 25 % finalised. Production will increase as the facility is expanded. Construction of the remaining part of the facility will begin over the Summer and completion is expected in 2025.

The plant will be capable of covering the annual energy consumption for approx. 20.000 households