Vesthimmerland Biogas

Vesthimmerland Biogas processes about 275,000 tons of biomass a year and supplies biomethane corresponding to the consumption of about 18,000 households each year. In 2022, the company is expanding in order to be able to process about 500,000 tons of biomass a year.


Biogasanläggning med uppgradering till biometan


Farsø, Danmark


36 000 000 Nm³ biometan



A plant for treatment of slaughterhouse waste

Vesthimmerland Biogas was built to receive virtually all kinds of organic biomass such as liquid manure, deep litter, seed grass straw, energy crops and – as a special feature – also slaughterhouse waste, which is shredded and subsequently processed in a hygienisation plant for heat treatment of biomass before it is transferred to the actual biogas process.