OL Biogas

OL Biogas was originally built as a Green Farm Energy plant. In 2017, Lundsby extended the biogas plant, enabling it to handle solid biomass. This extension also involved the building of a new feed system that would allow supply of deep litter, straw and 2nd generation crops to the plant.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Hadsten, Denmark


5,000,000 Nm³ of biomethane



An improved biogas plant

The plant was extended once more in 2020 and upgraded from biogas to natural gas. The biogas plant is connected to the nearest natural gas grid connection by means of an approx. nine km long pipeline. The plant is expected to produce about five million m³ of natural gas, which corresponds to the annual heating demand for approx. 3,000 detached houses.

We also see that the price for “easy” kinds of biomass such as glycerin and similar products has increased to a degree where it does not make sense anymore to use them in the plant. It will therefore make sense to derive more gas from the difficult biodegradable, but cheaper biomass. That is also why we plan to extend our plant with a post-storage tank, to extend our residence time. So, we approached Lundsby Biogas for an offer on how to do it the easiest and most cost effective way.

Carsten Thesbjerg, CEO
OL Biogas