Alone, we can do a little – together we can do anything

Nobody can solve the climate challenge and the energy crisis by themselves. Neither can Lundsby, and that is why we cooperate with all who – like us – wish to contribute to the green transition, for instance within the trade association Biogas Danmark.

Together we are stronger

Biogas Danmark is a trade association for all who have an interest in biogas. The association works for the entire biogas value chain, which includes everything from the use of livestock manure and organic waste products from agriculture, households and industry to the production and use of biogas and green manure.

Change and astonishment

It is hardly big news that we are facing a challenge regarding energy – in the short and in the long term.

In the short term, we need to find alternatives to Putin’s gas. Unfortunately, this seems to be a disadvantage to the climate, where our common climate ambitions face a setback as the consumption of coal increases significantly.

Hopefully, the challenge with Putin is only temporary. However, the climate challenge is permanent. We need green energy – and a lot of it. Biogas is one of several energy sources, which we know are efficient.

We probably all know that change is necessary. And because we know this, astonishment prevails.

Because when it takes +12 months for dealing with an authority issue, but no central task force group is established to shorten the processing time – then, we are puzzled.

We are also puzzled by the fact that biogas is not considered part of the green transition and that  municipalities locally do not allocate areas for biogas production. Biogas can be transported through the gas network and is therefore a central PtX resource, and we also wonder why fossil gas and biogas are erroneously identical in public communication.

In Denmark, we do not use the biomass actually available. And we do not eliminate the legislative challenges that impede the spread of biogas. The authorities could benefit from the long-term energy crisis by using for instance biogas, thereby extending the existing biogas network right here and now.

Dear politicians. You set the goals that we must reach.
We have the tools to do it.

Want to know more about our colab?

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Niels Pedersen
CEO, Lundsby
+45 40 52 24 89