We are on a mission and would like you to join us

We help visionary companies, organisations and communities establish a stable, complete and climate-friendly energy supply. We do it because it is necessary and because it pays. And we do it together.

Making our blue planet greener requires cooperation

Nobody, neither politicians, companies, activists nor anyone else, can solve the current challenges with the climate and energy supply by themselves. Common challenges require common solutions – therefore, we cooperate with all who share this approach; colleagues from our own industry as well as other industries, who work with sustainable energy production and green transition. And yes… this is an open invitation.

A part of something greater

Our UN goals

Nobody can solve the world’s problems alone. At Lundsby, we work purposefully in accordance with the UN global goals 6, 7 and 12.

Our industry association

Lundsby is an active member of the trade association Biogas Danmark, where we cooperate with others  who want to promote biogas production and the green transition.

Think green.

Think circular.

And act accordingly.

When it comes to the green transition and sustainable supply, it is not the thought that counts. The climate changes and the energy crisis require action. This concerns all of us. And now is the time to act!

Want to know more?

All good collaboration begins with a chat. Are you ready to contribute actively to the green transition? And would you like to know more about how Lundsby can help you make ideas come true and make all ends meet? Then, feel free to write or ring. We look forward to talking to you.