It’s essential that we all keep the gap to a greener future in mind

Biogas is crucial if we want to ensure the green transition and future security of supply. Along with solar, wind and hydro energy, biogas can close the gap between reality and Denmark run 100% on green energy.

That’s why biogas is a good idea

The production of biogas upcycles organic waste from e.g. agriculture and industry into CO² neutral energy, and protects the aquatic environment.

We need an interaction between all renewable energies if the dream of a climate neutral energy supply is to come true. Biogas can make the ends meet in the green transition and further boost the desired transition in agriculture. Therefore, future conditions for biogas should be improved.

Niels Pedersen
CEO, Lundsby Renewable Solutions

Our sustainable mission

It is our never-ending mission to help visionary companies, organisations and communities to develop, plan, build and operate plants that transform organic material into green energy.

A part of something greater

Our UN goals

Nobody can solve the world’s problems alone. At Lundsby, we work purposefully in accordance with the UN global goals 6, 7 and 12.

Our industry association

Lundsby is an active member of the trade association Biogas Danmark, where we cooperate with others  who want to promote biogas production and the green transition.

Want to know more?

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