Madsen Bioenergi

In the autumn of 2014, Lundsby put the biogas plant at Madsen Bioenergi in Balling north-west of Skive into operation. The biogas plant was built to handle at least 130,000 tonnes of biomass a year, but the plant can easily handle much more.


Biogas plant upgraded to biomethane


Balling, Denmark


5,000,000 m³ of biomethane



A flexible plant

The production was calculated to be approx. 3.3m Nm³ of biomethane a year. However, the production is currently at almost 5m Nm³ of biomethane a year. The biomethane is distributed by HMN Naturgas through the natural gas grid.

When the biogas plant was built in 2014 at Madsen Bioenergi, it was the largest of its kind. Much has happened since then, and we are now building much larger plants, such as Vinkel Bioenergi at Skive or Vesthimmerland Biogas in Farsø.