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Together all the way

When we say that we are with you all the way from idea to operation, we actually mean it. Therefore, we are always ready to help whenever you and your operators need it. We know that uptime should be all the time. A running biogas plant creates value. A biogas plant that doesn’t run won’t create any value, so you should have access to any help required.


  • Inspection of the facility with methane camera incl. reporting
  • Pressure transmitters: verification/calibration in different set points
  • Temperature sensors: heat and slurry verification and adjustment of the temperature of different set points
  • Level switch: high/low level ball (disassembly, cleaning and checking the function)
  • Methane leakage between sheets: 2017 onwards – verification and adjustment with test gas
  • Thermography in electrical cabinets without authorization with a thermal camera

Consulting services

  • Development and support for control and other administrative elements
  • Process support
  • Biomass consultancy
  • Technical operational support


  • Sale of spare parts – biogas equipment
  • Small and large tasks – updating or expansion
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Head of Customer Service
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