Grønhøj Bioenergi

Grønhøj Bioenergi was built to handle 130,000 tons of biomass per year. The owner has specialized in finding inexpensive biomasses that can be converted into methane. This also includes cereal remains, waste carrots, chicken dung, potato pulp etc.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Grønhøj, Denmark


7,000,000 m³ of biomethane



A dynamic biogas plant in growth

A special hall from which the air can be exhausted through a bio filter and then cleaned of smell and nitrogen was built for strongly smelling biomass.

A separation plant was installed to help dispose of phosphorous. With a separation plant, the degassed biomass can be “designed” to match the receiver’s demands.

The owner’s ability to find special biomass has put the biogas plant to the test. This has definitely not disappointed the owners – the plant produces 20% more than expected.

One of their engineers was assigned to the project for six months and should teach us how to run the plant. He did it very well. A man, who we could get in touch with 24 hours a day and he could answer all our questions and help us overcome all the problems that we faced.

Michael Thomsen, COO
Grønhøj Bioenergi