From being just a name to real benefit

Lundsby Renewable Solutions is more than just a name. It is our promise that – together with you – we will make both ends of green transition meet and contribute to a future, where more will live in a greener way on our blue planet. A future, where we turn natural resources into sustainable energy. And this future… is right now!

We help visionary companies, organisations and communities complete the circle and ensure a stable and climate-friendly energy supply. We do so because it is necessary and because it pays. And we do it together.

Biogas makes both ends meet

Biogas is a crucial factor in ensuring the green transition and future security of supply. Together with solar, wind and hydro energy, biogas can close the gap between reality and the ambitions to have Denmark run 100% on green energy. Because when the sun does not shine, when there is no wind blowing, biogas production steps in and ensures that the energy supply remains effective.


Individually adapted high-grade solutions based on experience


Close dialogue with the customer before, during, and after


Your plant will be built to remain in pace with development and it can be extended accordingly.


You will have a biogas plant that is 100% ready to contribute to the green energy supply.

Your business
Our know-how

If you wish to play an active role in the green transition by using biomass from agriculture, households, industry, etc., we help you make all ends meet and turn the idea into reality. Lundsby has more than 25 years of experience with developing and providing efficient biogas plants.

No problem if it also pays to do the right thing and nothing wrong in turning green transition into good business. We help you safeguard your economy by providing an efficient and reliable biogas plant that can be adapted and extended as new opportunities to transform organic waste into green energy appear.

High level of operational safety = high security of supply

The operational safety of your plant is a crucial prerequisite for both sound economy and high security of supply. Lundsby provides a reliable plant and also helps you to commission the plant well and safely. The good cooperation with our customers and partners ensures that we keep our know-how updated, so we can always develop and optimise our solutions. To your benefit and to the benefit of your economy and the green transition.

Green transition through biogas


Speaking of customers and more than 25 years of experience… you don’t have to settle for our words. Instead, you should take a look at the many plants, which we have already built and commissioned, and hear what our ambitious customers have to say. All our plants are designed and customized to suit precisely the type and quantity of organic waste, which you wish to turn into green energy.

Vinkel Bioenergi

Vinkel Bioenergi

Vinkel Bioenergi was built to process 430,000 tons of biomass annually and supply biomethane to about 25,000 households per year. This makes Vinkel Bioenergi one of the largest biogas plants in Denmark.Biogas plant upgraded for biomethaneHøjslev, Denmark52,000,000 Nm³...

Vesthimmerland Biogas

Vesthimmerland Biogas

Vesthimmerland Biogas processes about 275,000 tons of biomass a year and supplies biomethane corresponding to the consumption of about 18,000 households each year. In 2022, the company is expanding in order to be able to process about 500,000 tons of biomass a...

Grauballegaard Biogas

Grauballegaard Biogas

In July 2021, Lundsby commissioned Grauballegaard Biogas. The biogas plant is located in Lemming north of Silkeborg. In this area, there are several farmers that can supply biomass to the biogas plant. Owner of Grauballegaard and co-owner of Grauballegaard Biogas,...

That’s the amount of biomethane that one of our largest plants delivers to the gas network every hour

We here provide a snapshot of one of our largest AD plants connected to the natural gas grid. You can see the hourly capacity of the plant and the CO² reduction achieved by using biomethane instead of natural gas. And you will see how many detached houses have their annual heating demand covered by this hourly produced biomethane volume.





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